Jean Francois Detaille


Best known for his brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic paintings created live while performing them, Jean Francois Detaille’s art is unique. And with the world as his oyster, the new ventures are infinite.

Jean Francois Detaille’s ability to create his pieces on the spot give them a sense of immediacy and intentness. He paints without any sketches or preliminary steps, his sense of color, harmony and composition makes his art stand alone in this world where images are flooding our  minds. 

Jean Francois Detaille’s instinctively captures the mood and the essence of a subject to make his art powerful and captivating. Jean Francois’ studio pieces are done with the same spirit and philosophy.

Jean Francois Detaille’s creations have become controversial to art connoisseurs, because he has broken all preconceived notions that art was something one created slowly in a studio, by unveiling it through sensationalism on stages around the world.

Jean Francois Detaille’s art is a perfect metaphor for the world we live in today; a world of instant communication that’s filled with voyeurism and reality television. His art is loved by millions of people around the world.


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